Aug 29

The Bevel Trimmer

Bevel Trimmer Review

My signature fade with the Bevel blade; that’s a major key. – Nas “Nas Album Done”

Recently Nas introduced the world to Bevel, a Black owned grooming company founded by Queens native Tristan Walker. Walker & Company Brands’ newest product, the Bevel Trimmer, is specifically engineered to trim and shape coarse or curly hair.
Bevel Trimmer Review

The Bevel Trimmer is poised to advance grooming devices with several points of difference. The machine can go cordless and hold a charge for four hours at full power and holds a charge for 60 days. Maintenance is seamless with a blade that repels oil and moisture minimizing residue that can build up over time. Additionally there are no screwdrivers or other hardware needed to adjust the blades.

Bevel Trimmer Review

With the growing popularity of this brand, the Bevel Trimmer is currently shipping out this Fall. Nevertheless if you are serious about your grooming then we suggest giving Walker & Company Brands a look.



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