Sep 22

Brotherhood Winery “B” Sparkling Rose Review

Brotherhood Winery "B" Sparkling Rose

Type: Sparkling
Color: Soft Pink
Grapes: 90% Chardonnay, 10% Pinot Noir
Country: United States

One of the distinct beauties of wine is the exploration. The discovery of new brands and varietals is something we always look forward to; specifically when we get an expert recommendation or visit a new wine shop. We recently tried Brotherhood Winery’s B Sparkling Rose and we were highly impressed.

B Sparkling Rose is a dry American bubbly that features luscious notes of red fruit and figs. The color is a very delicate pink reminiscent of cherry blossom; when served the bubbles were festive and danced with vigor.

Upon our first sip we were greeted by a wine that was crisp and flavorful. The soft but plush body advanced the experienced further. B Sparkling Rose reminds of Cava but just a tad bit lighter.

We paired this wine with rigatoni that was served with tomato basil sauce; it was a true win. Since this sparkler is so soft you can’t go wrong with seafood; specifically shrimp and mussels.

If you like Brut Rose then don’t hesitate to give B Sparkling Rose a chance; it will not disappoint. Cheers!


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