Nov 14

ZARA Man Double-Faced Coat

ZARA Man Double-Faced Coat

ZARA rarely disappoints. Their ability to capture designer fashion trends at a non-designer prices makes them a saving grace at retail. Expect the ZARA Man Double-Faced Coat to sell out very quickly for this same reason.
ZARA Man Double-Faced Coat

This number features a faux fur throughout the lining, fur lapel and cuffs. Never fret though as it still gives a proper nod to the classic shearling coats made popular via New York City 1980’s street style.

ZARA Man Double-Faced Coat

The wide collar and tobacco color lends for such a casual cool that more than exceeds the price tag.
ZARA Man Double-Faced CoatWhile we think the ZARA Man Double-Faced Coat is an absolute steal just keep in mind that the polyester shell will spot with rain, snow and any spills so make sure you have an expert dry cleaner at your service. Cheers to ZARA on such a great piece. Cheers!


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