Dec 15

Flawless Holiday Gift Recommendations: 2017 smart fortwo Smart Car

Looking for a gift for that special someone who is truly deserving of true holiday wow factor? We think that the 2017 smart fortwo Smart Car is best way to go big with a small investment.

With a combined fuel efficiency rating of 35mpg, the new 2017 smart fortwo coupe is the most efficient of any two-seater or subcompact car as rated by the EPA. From a feature perspective you get a great range of options from the four different models (pure, passion, prime, proxy) including automatic climate control, Bluetooth® connectivity, powered / heated mirrors, heated seating, rain / light sensors and a JBL® sound system. The couple also has some power to it with a 0.9L turbo 3-cylinder engine that takes it from 0-60MPH in 10.1 seconds for a top speed of 90MPH.

For those looking for a soft top option look no further than to the 2017 smart fortwo cabrio. This version is similar but has some distinctive features that give this model true point of difference. The cabrio features a 5-speed manual transmission system, LED daytime running lights, tri-stage retractable soft top roof, crosswind assist, cruise control. 3-spoke multi function steering wheel, 3.5″ color display in instrument cluster and Bluetooth® audio streaming.

The cabrio is also powered by a 0.9L turbocharged 3-cylinder engine and goes from 0-60MPH in 10.7 seconds for a top speed of 94MPH.

Kudos to Mercedes Benz for continuing to reinvent individual urban mobility. We got to test drive the 2017 smart fortwo cabrio in September and to say we were impressed is an understatement. We found the overall design to be modern and well built with great handling that provided a smooth ride through New York City.

The 2017 smart fortwo cabrio is tagged at $18,900 (manual) while the The 2017 smart fortwo coupe comes in four different versions ranging from $14,650 (pure model) to $18,840 (proxy model).

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