Dec 21

Billy Reid Bowery Cashmere Long Coat With Genuine Nutria Fur Collar

Recently I attended an event and saw several gentleman dressed in first class suiting only to have their efforts derailed. How you ask? They were wearing coats over their suit that were far from formal thus ruining their look. That is why a topcoat / overcoat is necessary. We think the Billy Reid Bowery Cashmere Long Coat with Genuine Nutria Fur Collar is a great solution.

This overcoat is made of cashmere with a detachable fur collar that when removed gives this piece a more formal appeal.

What really sets this piece apart is the build out. This is a double breasted coat that is tailored in a traditional Italian style featuring an English shoulder that lends itself to a slender profile. The final touch is the color contrast. A rich taupe color is nicely complemented with a dark brown on the collar and a coffee tone throughout the interior lining.

Overall we love every detail of this coat. We highly suggest finding a reputable dry cleaner to ensure proper care. Santé!


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