Jan 17

Davidoff Cigars Launches 702 Series

Swiss luxury tobacco brand Davidoff is relaunching the 702 series. Originally crafted for the 2009 Selección 702, this new limited edition will feature Davidoff’s signature sizes.
The seed used is very unique as three strands of Cuban tobacco were used then grown in Ecuador. The result is a wrapper that provides more spice and intensity with notes of wood and cream.

“These cigars, that have defined and refined Time, are wrapped in the new 702 ‘Habano’ wrapper from Ecuador to give them a bolder edge. The 702 Series is an exciting opportunity for those who have not yet had the chance to discover, or may want to rediscover, these iconic cigars” said Charles Awad, SVP global marketing.

Kudos to Davidoff for adding a new touch to these already great sticks. Cheers!

Via Davidoff 

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