Feb 16

Our Search For The Perfect Boilermaker Featuring Bulleit Frontier Whiskey

We have been fans of Bulleit Frontier Whiskey for some time. We find their selections to be complex, generous on the finish and mix well in cocktail recipes. So when they reached out to us to help us find the perfect Boilermaker recipe we couldn’t resist.

The Boilermaker’s origin is a bit muddled.¬†One theory is that the Boilermaker came to be in the 1800s when blue collar workers headed to the bar after a long shift.¬†Another idea is that the first Boilermaker was created when Richard Trevitchick and his friends celebrated after his steam powered vehicle made its first successful climb up his village’s steepest hill on Christmas Eve in 1801.

Bulleit sent us a great care package for us to start our search for the perfect Boilermaker. It contained a bottle of Bulleit Frontier Whiskey, some Stella Artois beer, a branded shot glass and a 5-pack carrying case.
Frankly the Bulleit Whiskey / Stella Artois Boilermaker gave the classic recipe such a great update; tons of flavor! Recipe below.


  • 1 oz. Bulleit (Bourbon, Rye or 10-Year-Old)
  • 6 oz. Beer


  • Pour Bulleit Frontier Whiskey into a shot glass.
  • Fill a pint glass halfway with beer.
  • Drop the shot glass into the beer.

We encourage all our readers to try this recipe for themselves. Cheers!

Via Bulleit Frontier Whiskey

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