Mar 24

Johnnie Walker Launches Blenders’ Batch Triple Grain American Oak Whisky

The world’s #1 selling blended Scotch whisky Johnnie Walker, has officially launched the Blenders’ Batch, a new blending innovation platform with Triple Grain America Oak, the first in the series to hit the U.S. market.

Blenders’ Batch is a new limited-edition experimental whisky series that challenges convention and provides insight into the skill and passion that drives Beveridge and his expert team of blenders. The hundreds of on-going experiments that Beveridge and his team study are a crucial part of their work, focusing on developing and understanding a vast variety of unconventional flavors adding depth and complexity to Scotch.

This selection is the result of experiments focusing on the influence of bourbon and rye whiskey flavors on Scotch. This whisky is inspired by the time Beveridge spent working in Kentucky blending bourbon and rye. This whisky, aged a minimum of 10 years in American oak, boasts a flavor that is uniquely smooth, with notes of sweet fresh fruit and gentle spice. Triple Grain American Oak is now available for purchase nationwide, while supplies last, for $29.99 at a 750ML size.

Via Johnnie Walker 

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