Apr 11

Dom Pérignon Launches P2 2000 Vintage Champagne

Moët & Chandon has announced a new release of Dom Perignon’s 2000 vintage. The Dom Perignon P2 2000 is a super vintage of sorts that was crafted with a focus on complexity.

As the first vintage prestige cuvee to be announced in 2017, the P2 2000 is the second plenitude of the brand’s champagne from the first harvest of the new millennium. The P2 2000 is from the same harvest as the 2000 vintage but was disgorged in 2016. Additionally it was aged under a natural cork versus the crown cap that is used for the standard Perignon releases. The added aging process has given this specific selection a different trajectory versus the other 2000.

Here are the official tasting notes from our friends in France:

Amazing nose of vanilla cream, coffee, toast, ash and grilled nuts. In the mouth it is very alive, taught and energetic with a mouth-filling mousse and flavours of lime, wood smoke and a slightly salty seaweed-like note, along with underlying ripeness – there’s even a touch of pineapple. The finish is firm, fresh and persistent, with a cleansing chalky sensation and taste.

The Dom Perignon P2 2000 is scheduled for a July release and will retail around $350.00 US. Dom Perignon 2000 is one of our favorite vintages so we are very interested in trying P2 2000. Cheers!

Via Dom Perignon 

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