Jun 05

Freixenet’s Launches Ice Rosé Sparkling Wine

The chilled sparkling wine category has seen a great take rate ever since the launch of Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial. Freixenet Ice Rosé is the newest entry to the ice served sparkling wine category.

Freixenet Ice Rosé is intended to be served over ice and also lends itself to be infused into sparkling wine cocktail recipes.

Liza Madrigal, marketing director UK & Global Travel Retail for Freixenet, said: “We wanted to create a new way to enjoy this popular varietal, to have during the summer months. Following the success of Ice launched last year, we know that consumers are willing to try something new, so we are confident this new sparkling wine will be at hit amongst the rosé drinkers.”

At this price point we will definitely be buying several bottles. Let us know when you try it in the comments section below.


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