Jun 08

Bulleit Barrel Strength Frontier Whiskey Review & Event Launch

As fine whiskey lovers we couldn’t be more excited to attend theĀ Bulleit Barrel Strength Frontier Whiskey launch at American Cut in Tribeca. Once again they proved why the Bulleit brand is more than deserving of all the accolades and cult following.

With founder Tom Bulleit in the house there was a special energy in the building. We were treated to 4 craft cocktail recipes. We instantly gravitated to the Kentucky Sunset which is their take on the classic Moscow mule.

The Bulleit Whiskey gave it a complexity that we had yet to experience with any Moscow Mule recipe. After the introductory cocktail hour, Tom took the stage to give us a brief overview on their newest release.

To get a clear understanding on what makes their Barrel Strength so unique we were taken through a taste tasting along with the Bulleit Bourbon 10 Year and the Bulleit Rye. Here we were able to distinctly point out the differences that make Barrel Strength so special.

The Bulleit Barrel Strength is simply amazing on the nose; we got elegant notes of caramel, vanilla and spice. At first sip we were greeted by a flavor profile of cinnamon and spice. Considering this is a high proof selection we were very impressed with how smooth it is. Additionally the finish was long and very pleasant.

In our opinion his is more of sipping whiskey; just add a touch of water. If you prefer a mix we suggest the following “Gold Rush”:



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