Dec 15

Greg Yuna Jewelry Collection

When it comes to jewelry it is always best to stay with classic designs. Mr. Greg Yuna did just that with his new jewelry collection.

Formerly known as Mr. Flawless, Yuna has gone on to the second chapter of career with a stunning new array of pendants and rings. See below.

Yellow Diamond Cross – $3,500.00

Rose Gold Black Diamond Cross – $1,500.00

Rest In Piece Jesus Piece Pendant – $4,500.00

Pico Rest In Piece Jesus Piece Pendant – $400.00

Fruit Loop Ring – $2,500.00

Fruit By Cross – $1,500.00

Alexander The Great Pendant – $3,500.00

Let us know your favorite piece in the comments below. Cheers!

Via Greg Yuna

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