Jan 23

Orphan Barrel Launches 25-Year Old Entrapment Canadian Whiskey

Orphan Barrel continues to expand their portfolio and their newest edition maybe their most impressive yet. Entrapment is a selection that has been aged 25-years.

As their 11th release Entrapment is a rare Canadian whiskey originally intended as an inclusion to Crown Royal Deluxe blend. Fortunately there were small quantities leftover it which sat for 25 years at Crown Royal’s distillery in Gimli, Manitoba.

It is billed as 97 percent corn and three percent malted barley at 82% proof. On the nose we will be presented with “vanilla, toffee and a delicate toasted oak scent, followed by light and creamy flavors with hints of tobacco and walnut. The finish is warm with notes of dried fruits reminiscent of plums and raisins.”

Entrapment is available select markets and carries a price of $149.99 dollars per bottle. We are definitely looking forward to tasting this quarter-century offering. Cheers!

Via Orphan Barrel

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