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Jan 24

Dunhill Burgundy Slim-Fit Slub Wool Tuxedo Jacket

You can never go wrong with an all black tuxedo. It is the black tie standard but rules were meant to be broken! Add a sophisticated touch of color to your closet with the very sharp Dunhill Burgundy Slim-Fit Slub Wool Tuxedo Jacket.

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Jan 18

Gucci Grey Slim-Fit Prince Of Wales Checked Wool Suit

In London the plaid suit is a staple in men’s tailoring; it communicates a classic elegance that can’t be captured by an off the rack purchase. The Gucci Grey Slim-Fit Prince Of Wales Checked Wool Suit speaks to that magic.

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Jan 09

TOM FORD O’Connor Base Windowpane Two-Piece Suit

In London there is a famous phrase when it comes to menswear; “wear the suit, don’t let the suit wear you”. There are two steps in achieving suit perfection, choosing a great suit and getting it tailored. Step one is covered brilliantly with the TOM FORD O’Connor Base Windowpane Two-Piece Suit.

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Jan 03

Gucci Slim-Fit Double-Breasted Cashmere Overcoat

The topcoat might be one of my favorites items of this season for men’s fashion. It not only does it show good taste but also adds a formal touch to most outfits. Tan is a timeless color and Gucci has put it to use in a marvelous way with the Gucci Slim-Fit Double-Breasted Cashmere Overcoat.

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Dec 29

Jan Leslie Designer Cufflinks

In order to bring your suit or tuxedo to runway fashion levels, a keen attention to detail is needed. Accessories are a wonderful way to achieve this. Thank us later for introducing you all to the Jan Leslie designer cufflink collection.

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Dec 21

Billy Reid Bowery Cashmere Long Coat With Genuine Nutria Fur Collar

Recently I attended an event and saw several gentleman dressed in first class suiting only to have their efforts derailed. How you ask? They were wearing coats over their suit that were far from formal thus ruining their look. That is why a topcoat / overcoat is necessary. We think the Billy Reid Bowery Cashmere Long …

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Dec 01

Lotus Exige Sport 380 Sports Car

Lotus specializes in high performance sports and racing cars. They recently unveiled their fastest hardtop ever with the Lotus Exige Sport 380.

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Nov 28

The SHA Wellness Clinic & Hotel

As a first time visitor to Spain, one can get easily lost in the country’s rich culture of the arts, food, wine and nightlife. If in need of a mental health break while traveling abroad look no further than The SHA Wellness Clinic & Hotel.

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Nov 25

Cedes Milano Champagne Traveling Box

Champagne and sparkling wine aren’t just for formal celebrations. These varietals to be ideal for everyday consumption but enjoying them on the go can be cumbersome. We think the Cedes Milano Champagne Traveling Box is an ideal solution.

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Nov 17

Palazzo Versace Dubai Luxury Hotel

The Versace brand has long been synonymous with opulence; this also includes travel. The house that Gianni built has recently opened a Palazzo Versace hotel in Dubai and it doesn’t disappoint.

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