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Nov 25

Cedes Milano Champagne Traveling Box

Champagne and sparkling wine aren’t just for formal celebrations. These varietals to be ideal for everyday consumption but enjoying them on the go can be cumbersome. We think the Cedes Milano Champagne Traveling Box is an ideal solution.

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Nov 09

MCM Nomad Coated Large Leather Weekend Bag

Travel requires luggage so if you are spending good money on seeing the world then why not travel in style? For almost 50 years MCM has flourished as a luxury goods brand. The MCM Nomad Coated Large Leather Weekend Bag is a prime example why their luggage should get first consideration.

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Nov 01

Louis Vuitton Porte-Documents Voyage Crocodile Briefcase

In France the briefcase remains a staple accessory for men. Whether intended for business or just a carryall for their personal belongings, it often speaks to an individual style preference. Louis Vuitton’s Porte-Documents Voyage is a stunning example when luxury meets detail.

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Aug 17

TOM FORD Suede-Trimmed Grained-Leather Holdall

TOM FORD continues to advance luxury fashion. His eye for detail never fails and that is further confirmed with his new Suede-Trimmed Grained-Leather Holdall bag.

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Jun 13

Tom Ford Tom N.8 Sunglasses

Tom Ford continues to push the boundaries of luxury fashion. Not only is his suiting is considered among the best in menswear, his signature eyewear collection continues to shine. The private collection Tom Ford Tom N.8 Sunglasses are sure to be instant vintage.

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May 11

Bally Men’s Nikkos True Blue Calf Leather Business Bag

Since the 1980’s we have admired the attention to detail Bally affords their wears. Known for their footwear, this design house also excels with accessories. Their Men’s Nikkos True Blue Calf Leather Business Bag is a sure way to make a statement to your next business meeting.

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May 03

Gucci Men Aviator Transparent Lens Sunglasses

Gold rim eyewear has made a strong comeback within the last year. As an ode to the classic 90’s Cartier frames, the Gucci Men aviator transparent Lens sunglasses is an instant vintage pair not to miss.

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May 02

Avianne Jewelers 14K Gold Mens Amethyst Pinky Ring

The right accessory can add sophistication and elegance to an already promising look. As men the pinky ring is one of those go to pieces that we speak of. Bravo to Avianne Jewelers for their stunning 14K Gold Mens Amethyst Pinky Ring.

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Apr 11

Northskull London Spring 2016 Jewelry Collection

The right accessory can add the perfect touch of sophistication to your profile; jewelry specifically. Gold has been trending for the last couple of years and we think Northskull London is taking the right approach with their minimalistic design. Here are some selections that caught out eye from their Spring 2016 collection.

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Mar 29

Birline Watches

Time is the ultimate luxury; it is priceless and can’t no amount of money can bring it back. Therefore keeping track of it is critical but also presents an opportunity advance your look. Birline Watches are specifically made for this purpose with a very unique approach to their bands.

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