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Jan 10

Versace Men’s Gold Medusa Ring

The Versace Medusa logo is iconic as it is synonymous with luxury. The Versace Men’s Gold Medusa Ring is a great accessory can an extra touch of Italian appeal to any look.

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Dec 29

Jan Leslie Designer Cufflinks

In order to bring your suit or tuxedo to runway fashion levels, a keen attention to detail is needed. Accessories are a wonderful way to achieve this. Thank us later for introducing you all to the Jan Leslie designer cufflink collection.

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Dec 23

Tod’s Suede Travel Bag

Need a last minute gift for a man of style and sophistication? The Tod’s Suede Travel Bag in blue should do the trick.

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Dec 09

JORD Wood Watches Make The Perfect Holiday Gift

It is very easy to lose ones-self with selecting the right gift during the holiday season. Look no further as Jord Wood Watches offers sophisticated wooden timepieces that are modern takes on the classics.

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Dec 06

Thom Browne Leather Stripe Mackintosh Day Bag

The overnight carry all is truly the new briefcase. Intended for day’s worth of travel, this accessory is such a cool piece to keep in your fashion arsenal. The Thom Browne Leather Stripe Mackintosh Day Bag gives these exact vibes.

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Dec 05

Avianne and Co. 14K Solid Yellow Gold Men’s Diamond Onyx Ring

The men’s pinky ring is an overlooked accessory that can really add an extra touch of grace to any look. With the Christmas shopping season upon us we suggest giving the Avianne and Co. 14K Solid Yellow Gold Men’s Diamond Onyx Ring some strong consideration.

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Nov 28

Dita Mach-Five Limited Sunglasses

Dita is synonymous for their luxurious approach to eyewear. Their Dita Mach-Five Limited Sunglasses is a nod to automative racing but feel assured that these frames will be well received when you’re on foot.

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Nov 25

Cedes Milano Champagne Traveling Box

Champagne and sparkling wine aren’t just for formal celebrations. These varietals to be ideal for everyday consumption but enjoying them on the go can be cumbersome. We think the Cedes Milano Champagne Traveling Box is an ideal solution.

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Nov 09

MCM Nomad Coated Large Leather Weekend Bag

Travel requires luggage so if you are spending good money on seeing the world then why not travel in style? For almost 50 years MCM has flourished as a luxury goods brand. The MCM Nomad Coated Large Leather Weekend Bag is a prime example why their luggage should get first consideration.

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Nov 01

Louis Vuitton Porte-Documents Voyage Crocodile Briefcase

In France the briefcase remains a staple accessory for men. Whether intended for business or just a carryall for their personal belongings, it often speaks to an individual style preference. Louis Vuitton’s Porte-Documents Voyage is a stunning example when luxury meets detail.

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