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Dec 19

Cigar Style

Cigar Style is an exploration into the history of and pleasure one takes from smoking cigars with an introductory essay and 60 images. Written by historian, author and journalist Nick Foulkes, it is a celebration of all that cigars have come to symbolise and an affectionate look at our relationship with them. Pin It

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Nov 11

The Food Lover’s Guide To Wine

The Food Lover’s Guide To Wine is an encyclopedic A-to-Z guide profiling hundreds of different wines by their essential characteristics-from body and intensity to distinguishing flavors, from suggested serving temperatures and ideal food pairings to recommended producers (including many iconic examples). Pin It

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Oct 20

See Mix Drink: A Refreshingly Simple Guide to Crafting the World’s Most Popular Cocktails

I always prefer simplicity throughout my life. So when I was told there was a simple guide to crafting the world’s most popular cocktails – I was immediately sold. This is what you get with author Brian Murpy’s See Mix Drink book. Pin It

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Sep 08

The Tanning Effect Video Series With Steve Stoute

The Tanning Effect With Steve Stoute I have always admired Steve Stoute for his marketing savvy and love of luxury. Here is a short clip of his “The Tanning Effect” video interview series featuring Jay-Z, Pharrel Williams, Jimmy Iovine and Lady Gaga discussing the influence of Hip-Hop culture throughout corporate America.

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Aug 08

The Wu-Tang Clan and RZA: A Trip Through Hip Hop’s 36 Chambers

Reading is fundamental and every gentleman should always keep a book at arms length. My good friend and esteemed author Alvin Blanco just penned a biography on one of Rap’s greatest groups The Wu-Tang Clan. The Wu-Tang Clan and RZA: A Trip Through Hip Hop’s 36 Chambers is a must own for any fan of …

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