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Mar 14

Banana Republic Men’s Double-Breasted Trench Coat

The weather is about to break in New York City so lighter outerwear is a must. While killing time before a meeting in the city, I popped in the Banana Republic by Grand Central Station. This double-breasted trench coat instantly caught my eye.

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Mar 01

Trunk Club Custom Week Event

Details, details details; we can’t stress them enough. But fortunately Trunk Club does. The shopping service recently held a four day long event at their Madison Avenue location. Of course we were in the house.

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Feb 15

Zara Men’s Leather Brocade Loafers

You don’t have to spend millions to look like it. Some of the best dressed just know where to go to find items that speak to their individual style at a bargain. In our opinion Zara is a great example of where to go to accomplish such a task. Speaking of; we are in love …

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Jan 26

Barbisio Velour-Finish Felted Rabbit Har Fedora

Winter is definitely here whether we like it or not. New York City just got hit with over two feet of snow but we have to keep the standard high. We think the Barbisio Velous-Finish Felted Rabbit Har Fedora is a perfect solution for staying warm and stylish at the same time.

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Jan 06

How To Iron A Dress Shirt [Video]

Style is not just what you wear but how you put it together. Many times as men we are so preoccupied with getting the right shirt but are unequipped on how to get the shirt right. Here is a very informative video detailing how to properly iron a dress shirt. Professional valet Mr. Stephen Haughton, founder of …

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Jan 06

Men’s Ties Perfect For The Winter

With the Winter upon it is key we our dress is weather appropriate. You want to keep warm and still own those chillier moments. One of the most undervalued accessories for this season is the tie. Often an afterthought, the tie can add nice texture to your an already layered profile.

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Dec 22

Brooks Brothers Men’s Own Make Blue Wool Topcoat

Winter is here and outerwear should be one of your priorities.  Given that they are the most likely the article of clothing that will be making the critical first impression on your behalf; choose wisely. One piece that immediately floored us is the Brooks Brothers Men’s Own Make Blue Wool Topcoat.

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Dec 10

Charly Calder Men’s Rome Faux Fur Coat

You walk a delicate line with fur coats. They come from the cruel treatment of animals. On the opposite side a lot of the time fake fur is often constructed from cheap material. Charlie Calder specializes in quality faux fur and have hit a home run with their men’s Rome coat.

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Dec 01

Bespoke Post Jet Set Box Review

Subscription boxes have gained steady popularity with millennials over the last couple of years. You sign up and every month you get something that speaks to your interests in the mail. Sounds simple enough? Well one subscription service that piqued our interests is Bespoke Post.

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Nov 30

Etro Winter 2015 Scarf Collection

Scarves are an accessory that can be implemented year round but it really is most handy during the winter season. While it will give you that extra warmth it also provides the opportunity to add a layer of dandy. We think Etro got it right with their 2015 winter collection.

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