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Mar 16

C.O.P.E. At Musem of the City of New York Event Recap

Art is a big passion of ours. We value what creatives put into to their vision and work. We were recently invited to attend a very unique event at the Museum of the City of New York and it was a night to remember.

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Jun 29

“Fresh Dressed” Movie Trailer

Fresh Dressed is a documentary that details Hip-Hop’s influence on the fashion industry. As someone who has lived and breathed the culture since the age of 7, I am was ecstatic when I saw this trailer. The film is directed by critically acclaimed writer and Mass Appeal’s Creative Director Sacha Jenkins. It is currently showing in theaters …

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Dec 17

Alec Monopoly Art

If you follow this site then you are aware that we are big fans of pop art. We recently came across the work of Alec Monopoly and we were floored to say the least.

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May 06

Yann Couedor Art

While art is subjective, there is certain talent that can not be denied. I happen to come across Parisian artist Yann Couedor. His work is a mix of portrait and collage.

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Feb 19

ESPN’s “Gotta be the Shoes” Celebrates 50 Years of Jordan Video

“It’s hard to believe he is 50 years old, because in my mind I’m still a child while watching him play.” – Ray AllenGrowing up there was no denying Michael Jordan’s impact on my culture. From his style on the court to the footwear, he was IT. Now that he turns 50, ESPN looks back …

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Dec 19

Luca J Sage Photography “The Streetfighters”

London based photographer Luca Sage captures a vibrant boxing scene in Jamestown, Ghana with his The Streetfighters series. These stills depict victory, respect, pride and most importantly fearlessness. Pin It

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Dec 05

Where I’m From: A Jay-Z Barclays Center Documentary

“I used to live in that building right there.” Yesterday was Sean “Jay-Z” Carter’s 43rd birthday. To celebrate the special day Where I’m From: A Jay-Z Barclays Center Documentary was released to the public. This video follows Jay starting a year ago leading up into the his series of opening concerts at the Barclays Center. …

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Nov 27

Rihanna For GQ Magazine Behind The Scenes Video

Rihanna is a living piece of art. Sexy. Raw. Honest. Check out the behind the scenes from her recent GQ Magazine photo shoot. Happy viewing. Cheers! Pin It

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Nov 07

“Super Techmo Bowl” NFL Films Documentary

“Super Techmo Bowl was THE game.” As a kid who spent countless hours perfecting his video game craft in the 80’s and 90’s, the impact that Super Techmo Bowl had on sports games is indelible. NFL Networks pays tribute to this classic with an official NFL Film on its’ recent resurgence in the midwest. Pin It

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