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Mar 11

“A Man’s Story” Movie Trailer

A Man's Story Movie Trailer

“Having belief is a cornerstone of being a man. If you don’t have belief, you don’t have anything.” Ozwald Boateng was one of Britain’s most popular menswear designers. In 1998 his career and personal life changed drastically. For the next 12 years his life was captured through the lens of director Varon Bonitos. The result …

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Jan 31

The Sartorialist “Lunch For 25” Video

The Sartorialist Lunch For 25 Video

Famed photographer and cultural icon, Scott Schuman “The Sartorialist” hosted a private lunch for 25 gentleman in a quaint Trattoria in Florence Italy. The result is a classic short film that captures elegance, style, Italian charm, and camaraderie. Pin It

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Jan 18

“Pickin’ & Trimmin'” Short Film

Pickin & Trimmin Short Film

“You can go, relax and hang out like we used to. To me that’s therapy.” Pickin’ & Trimmin’ is a short film that spotlights The Barbershop in Drexel, North Carolina where men can get groomed in the front and enjoy the musings of Blue Grass musicians in a back room. This is an exceptional work …

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Dec 20

CÎROC Luck Be a Lady Short Film

A great visual of how CÎROC Ultra Premium Vodka, Diddy and crew, Las Vegas, Ratpack comradary, old Hollywood style and Frank Sinatra all come together. I love this short film as it inspires me greatly to do something similar for my friends and family. Kudos to Diageo and Blue Flame Agency for a class act …

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