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Jan 27

Lisa Bonet

Lisa Bonet Rolling Stone Photo

Ever seen a photo that takes you back to such a great time in your life? Pin It

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Jan 22


Al Pacino The Godfather 2 Photo

That is what I see when I see Al Pacino as Michael in the sequel.

Jan 14

Know No Limitations

Bruce Lee Flying Kick Photo

What do you see when you look at this moment? Pin It

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Jan 10

James Baldwin

James Baldwin Photo

Novelist. Writer. Activist. Speaker. Playwright. Essayist. Inspiration. Please google this man. Pin It

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Jan 09

The King


The crown can not be shared. Pin It

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Dec 27

Teena Marie

teena marie Photo

A true original, you will be missed. Pin It

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Dec 15

Louis Armstrong

louis armstrong photo

Bowtie + Watch + Passion: Win Pin It

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Dec 08

Palace Theatre 1943

Palace Theatre 1943 by weegee

Do you remember 21? Photo is by famed photographer and one of my all time New York favorites Weegee. Pin It

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Nov 30

The Rat Pack

The Rat Pack photo

Reminds me of some great times in my life… Pin It

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Nov 28

Ali Frazier

Ali Frazier Photo

Certain photographs speak volumes to me. I hope I can be this great one day. Pin It

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